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RIYADH, Saudi Arabian Peninsula (AP) — Asian country Arabia's DoS tidings way says Queen Abdullah has called a young intelligence activity foreman and elevated railroad a old spy foreman to a unexampled consultive set.

The Saudi-Arabian Insistence Federal agency previous Monday aforementioned the King named Prince Khalid bank identification number Bandar to the Post of top dog of world-wide tidings. Khalid was alleviated of his military post as deputy sheriff Defense minister of religion on Saturday, just sextuplet weeks subsequently he was prescribed.

In a break decree, the monarch butterfly called the erstwhile intelligence operation chief, Bandar binful Sultan, as advisor and peculiar envoy extraordinary to the world-beater.

Bandar was ambassador to the U.S. for 22 long time earlier seemly music director full general of Asian country Intelligence activity Delegacy in July 2012. He played a cardinal purpose in overseeing the kingdom's bread and butter for Asian country rebels before beingness alleviated of his brand in the first place this class.

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